Shaving Bowl with Cade Soap

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Shaving Bowl with Cade Soap


Practical and elegant, this bowl lives up to traditional shaving lovers expectations. Its material (100% recyclable non-oxidizing aluminium) allows for an optimal use.Shaving bowl coddles a generous round of unique vegetable-based shaving soap that develops into a rich lather. Soap is enriched with our purifying Cade essential oil complex, nourishing Shea Butter, cold cream and macadamia nut oil.A delight to own and use.


Use with our equally handsome L’Occitane Travel Shaving Brush to create generous lather, and help beard hairs "stand up" for a close shave. Simply wet brush with warm water and rub against soap to work up lather. Apply to face. Also try: Cade After Shave Balm.


For generations, a secret held by shepherds has been handed down from father to son. It tells of the extraordinary properties of Cade essential oil, extracted from plants that grow wild across the Mediterranean scrubland, which effectively protects the face against the outdoor elements. Discover our products for shaving, face and body care.  Cade


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